Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Poetry: Tormenting Heartache

Tormenting Heartache By Emily Rose

My soul screams out in torment
While endlessly stuck in lament
Blame is justifiably mine alone
Not something you can condone

I don’t know how to be strong
When all this time I’ve been wrong
Like a tornado destroying my reality
Sorrow sets in with brutality

Desperately wishing it’s not real
Unbearable sadness is hard to feel
My mind drifts thinking about the past
Seems like nothing can truly last

There’s a heavy pain in my chest
Somewhere deep below my breast
Breathing is harder than before
The truth is tough to ignore

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Haiku: Silence of The Heart

Silence of The Heart

Made you walk away

You had nothing left to say

There is no halfway

Remorseful is me

Everything I couldn’t be

Wishing you would see

Don’t want you to leave

My heart is out on my sleeve

Want you to believe

No words will come out

My love for you please don’t doubt

Yours without a doubt

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

I Aspire to be Pegasus

There is always room for improvement in anyone’s life and mine is no different. I have and will continue to work toward a better me. With effort and time, I know that one day I will be flying high as the stars with all the wisdom and respect that Pegasus has. This is why I aspire to be Pegasus, the flying horse from Greek Mythology.

According to Greek Mythology, as an immortal hero, Pegasus was accepted into heaven to reside in Zeus’ stables.  But how was Pegasus able to be allowed into Heaven and why did Zeus take a liking to Pegasus?

Being able to fly gave Pegasus the freedom and ability to soar to new heights and all the way to Zeus. Pegasus has been known as a symbol of wisdom and because of his wisdom he was given the task of carrying Zeus' lightning bolts. Not only is Pegasus wise, but he is also loyal and faithful and because of his service to Zeus, Pegasus was honored with transformation into a constellation. Pegasus is placed among the stars and has been shown a great deal of respect by many societies in different histories as well as presently. 

Although Pegasus is a mythological creature, the ideals behind his behavior are very real. I wish to emulate the values and behaviors of Pegasus. I am loyal and I am faithful, but I want to be wiser. Life experiences will give me the wisdom I seek as long as I keep my eyes and ears open.

Flying is symbolic to freedom for me. Freedom from the mental ties that hinder me is how it relates. I feel tied down by thoughts and emotions. I work hard to control them, but to be free of having to control them and to be free of worry would be extraordinary.

Overall, Pegasus has many wonderful attributes to be admired and if possible to be emulated. I have the passion and motivation to be more than I am now. I love who I am and I only wish to improve upon who I already am.